The Impressive Record Sales of the Video Game Industry in 2018

People still love video games all over the world, and the new revenue system used by many of them is ranking big piles of money for these developers. Elitists may dismiss the popular games, but IPs like Fortnite and Call of Duty just managed to score a staggering $43.5 billion just in the USA only. Sales in, in general, are up to 18%, and everyone seems to be doing okay even if a lot of players are feeling ripped off.

Video Game Industry

Gaming is taking over the World

It doesn’t matter where you turn, whether there is someone with a mobile device or at home, using a PC or console, a lot of people of every age and the most diverse set of interests has managed to find something to appeal them in 2018. Gaming is keeping the trend and even picking up the pace in their reach since there are a lot more Continue reading

PS2 Android Emulator – Play PlayStation 2 Games on Mobile Phone!

For all Android or iOS device owners and game lovers in same time, here comes one majestic release for you! SONY’s consoles lovers who works as software developers decided to create a PS2 emulator application for Android and Apple’s iPhone phones called “PS2Smart”. As one already exists for desktop PC, called “PCSX2”, which works pretty well. Their plan was to develop another one for mobile devices too. This month their project finally came true when they released final version ready for download on their website (link below in post).

Gran Turismo 4 on Android

If you are experienced gamer who follow a gaming news and know about stuff in this world, then you’re probably not really astonished for release of this app. As PlayStation 1 (PSX) emulator for Android and iOS already exist for few years successfully running games why there wouldn’t be one for PlayStation 2 as well? Technology and smartphones hardware specifications has evolved enough to run almost all of PS2 games with no any problems.

To download this APK or an iOS version visit PS2Smart own website where you can get it at their files page. Emulator is released for Continue reading

Unravel – Strings Attached (PS4 Game)

While playing this beautiful game you will be more or less lost in your memories rather than the game itself. This will be the effect of game on you. The beautiful background music, the chilly wind blowing across the sea, a walk through the woods and hiking endeavor will certainly take you to your childhood memories and you would definitely want to live all those moments once again.

Unravel ps4 cover

If I have to define Unravel in one word, then it would be “Reminiscence”. Well, yes most of you might be surprised after reading this but this game literally moved me. For a moment I lived all those beautiful childhood memories while Continue reading

Clash of Clans – Addictive as it can be!

CoC screenshotBoth Android and iPhone have games which are quite addictive. Starting from the days when Angry Bird and Cut the Rope took people with their addiction we have seen many addictive games. But lately Clash of Clans has broken all the records when it comes to exciting game play and addictiveness. While writing about this game, I searched for their official page on Facebook and I was surprised to see hundreds of fan pages and groups. This really speaks a lot about this game!

To go to a next level and become an elite most strongest player you can try using the resources addon mod.
get Clash of Clans Gem Hack (Gold/Elixir/Gems Generator) application and you’ll gain all you need to beat every opponent in no time.

CoC developed by Supercell firm is a strategy based online multiplayer game. This game starts with an in depth tutorial where you as a chief of the village is taken through the tutorial. In this game, you have to basically set up your own village. Town Hall is the heart of your village and you have to defend it against enemy attacks and Continue reading

Hardware Rivals – PS4 Game: Strong Story but Fails to Leave an Impact

All PlayStation lovers were eagerly waiting for the 2016. Since, a lot of new exciting games are supposed to be launched this year. One game which had created a lot of hype before its release was Hardware Rivals. The name sound quite interesting and even the story line is very exciting but still it failed to leave a strong impact on gamers.

Hardware RivalsHardware Rivals is actually an online multiplayer game. The developers have specifically targeted the online gamers and may be that’s why a potentially strong game failed to impress a lot of people. It is a vehicular action packed online game with a very catchy story line.

Here you get a chance to complete different challenges, conquer different maps, collect bounties and make your opponents pay. Since, it is online multiplayer game therefore as Continue reading