Video Games are a source of inspiration for many people around the world. The fact that they have survived their detractors and naysayers since they were created is one of the most solid proofs we have at hand about the reliance to survive of one the finest forms of entertainment conceived by man. Video Games take the best elements of board games and the traits required to endure physical games such as hide-and-seek and tag and bundles them all in a single package. While many people label video games as a child’s entertainment, the truth is that anyone can get on board to them.

In the present, there are video game offerings for everyone. At Y9GamesXL we have put together of people ready to offer a great deal of insight about an industry that is always looking forward, but it has a lot to offer since many of the original platforms remain available after a fashion. In our blog, you will find the latest information about games, mods, new technology and everything related to video games in general. You will learn the history of a market that keeps evolving as well as the new steps it takes to make the gaming experience more fruitful for everyone. Take a look at the past and enjoy the present with us!
We promise to make it worth your while.