PS2 Android Emulator – Play PlayStation 2 Games on Mobile Phone!

For all Android or iOS device owners and game lovers in same time, here comes one majestic release for you! SONY’s consoles lovers who works as software developers decided to create a PS2 emulator application for Android and Apple’s iPhone phones called “PS2Smart”. As one already exists for desktop PC, called “PCSX2”, which works pretty well. Their plan was to develop another one for mobile devices too. This month their project finally came true when they released final version ready for download on their website (link below in post).

Gran Turismo 4 on Android

If you are experienced gamer who follow a gaming news and know about stuff in this world, then you’re probably not really astonished for release of this app. As PlayStation 1 (PSX) emulator for Android and iOS already exist for few years successfully running games why there wouldn’t be one for PlayStation 2 as well? Technology and smartphones hardware specifications has evolved enough to run almost all of PS2 games with no any problems.

To download this APK or an iOS version visit PS2Smart own website where you can get it at their files page. Emulator is released for free so you can enjoy playing any PlayStation 2 game without paying anything. There will not be a problem to get any game for play, as their developers uploaded all of most popular PS2 games in their server and connected it with emulator. So you can play them online immediately after you’ve installed the app, or you can download them to your phone or tablets hard drive and run them from there. As you prefer more. But my advice is always save game files into your device hard disk so if you get in situation when you don’t have internet connection available you can play them whenever you want. And since PlayStation 2 console don’t require internet connection like PS3 and PS4, you can enjoy any game even with Airplane mode turned on. So fully enjoy playing while no one can disturb you while you’re on mobile phone.

Last Words

When you look back in history when gaming consoles started to getting released, like Nintendo 64, PlayStation one, then PS2 and so on.. You couldn’t believe one day all of these games will become playable on some small device like mobile phone is today, and with even such realistic graphic quality and other specifications. The PS2Smart truly amazed me how fast such advanced software got produces and working without any errors or bugs such as it’s competitor ones in mean time. It’s really a “must have” app for anyone who loves games or just want to have some fun while they’re bored or something. You’ll not regret it for sure!

If you don’t have Android or iOS device, you can check PS2 emulators released for PC, Mac and Linux devices at The Emulator Zone website.