The Impressive Record Sales of the Video Game Industry in 2018

People still love video games all over the world, and the new revenue system used by many of them is ranking big piles of money for these developers. Elitists may dismiss the popular games, but IPs like Fortnite and Call of Duty just managed to score a staggering $43.5 billion just in the USA only. Sales in, in general, are up to 18%, and everyone seems to be doing okay even if a lot of players are feeling ripped off.

Video Game Industry

Gaming is taking over the World

It doesn’t matter where you turn, whether there is someone with a mobile device or at home, using a PC or console, a lot of people of every age and the most diverse set of interests has managed to find something to appeal them in 2018. Gaming is keeping the trend and even picking up the pace in their reach since there are a lot more devices out there to play with, even more than last year: As expected this has brought a lot of momentum to subscription and streaming services, opening a new door full of possibilities for the future of the industry.

Just to have a little perspective on this: In 2017, just in the US alone, people bought a lot of new technology to access gaming platforms. The overall sales in the industry on hardware and peripherals reached $7.5 billion. This number was already impressive against 2016 figures who closed at $6.5 billion. The rest of the earnings come from software and subscription services sales. The model of offering in-game purchases that have been heavily criticized by many critics ion the business reported $35.8 billion. The problem is still there, but many people seem to be sucking it up and following the model to enjoy their games.

The Greatest IPs of 2018

Even with all these trends overwhelming a market that could collapse if the current model is abused, we still get to see a few signs of classic approaches being favored over the common online practices. The western-themed open world video game Red Dead Redemption 2 was the best-selling title in 2018, the second spot belongs to Back Ops 4, the latest chapter in the all-time best-selling Call of Duty franchise. The third place goes to an exclusive, Spider-Man for the PS4 an original IP based on the Marvel Comic character. Sony leads the way in sales in software, but the Nintendo Switch managed to find his way to 35 million homes worldwide.

The reasons behind this Surge

As weird as it may seem, even with all the bad news out there, it seems that a lot of families in the world is doing better when it comes to income. According to Stanley Pierre-Loui, acting ESA president, the economic growth of the industry is parallel to the growth of the industry in mainstream videogame culture. America and Asia are particularly fond of, and they share a passion that can take not only many hours in the day but also a lot of the income generated by people in societies that take solace and comfort in sharing common interests with people who play the same as them.

The facts are that interactive entertainment is one of the most influential forms of entertainment wherever there is an internet connection. America keeps being the most aggressive consumer of Video game products given their large population. At least 150 million people in the country play some sort of game in their smart device. The industry in this side of the world offers a livelihood to at least 225,000 people among all the developers and studios with a base of operation in the country. What does 2019 will bring to the table? We can only guess so far, but it seems that as long as they make them, we’ll keep playing them.