Unravel – Strings Attached (PS4 Game)

While playing this beautiful game you will be more or less lost in your memories rather than the game itself. This will be the effect of game on you. The beautiful background music, the chilly wind blowing across the sea, a walk through the woods and hiking endeavor will certainly take you to your childhood memories and you would definitely want to live all those moments once again.

Unravel ps4 cover

If I have to define Unravel in one word, then it would be “Reminiscence”. Well, yes most of you might be surprised after reading this but this game literally moved me. For a moment I lived all those beautiful childhood memories while playing this game. But it’s not the nostalgia that left me spellbound. In fact, it was the message that this game delivered at the end. For me a strong message coming from a game was a huge surprise. I have never expected a game to deliver such a strong and a meaningful message but Unravel did it. I would not spoil it for you by telling the message because it may not have the same meaning or value now. But it will definitely move you once you have cleared all the puzzles and completed this game.

The main character of the game Yarny, is made of wool. He uses his skin (wool to be precise) to overcome the obstacles throughout the game. At different points you will find wool balls which you have to collect to replenish the lost wool of Yarny. However, if in case for a longer period of the game you could not find any wool then you will have to backtrack and choose the path which consumes less wool.

Every new level of the games starts with you getting into some old framed picture. The first few level of the games are quite exciting but with every passing level the amount of excitement and amazement this game brings is dropped to some extent. At times you might find Yarny disobeying the laws of Physics but for all the physicists out there; you must take it as a game!

Last Words:

I personally loved this game a lot. May be because at the end it has a very strong message to deliver. Unlike other games it has a very meaningful message and it will definitely force you to think on it. So, I would highly recommend you will to play this exciting PS4 game.